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"Nostalgia is one of the human’s greatest weaknesses. Second only to the neck." – Dwight Schrute

Rate your pain, 1-10

At times, I want to use this pain chart when asking a patient to rate their pain from 1-10.

A More Accurate Pain Chart

haha, I miss these moments

haha, I miss these moments

I now know the secret to scaling a wall…
Be a cat.

I now know the secret to scaling a wall…

Be a cat.


At least I won’t run out of a job by 2050…

Diving Monkeys.

Pretty sure i could watch them all day.

How to Annoy a Squirrel

"Hook it up to a generator. Squirrel energy systems. You’ll make a fortune."

If I had a cat, I’d probably do something along the lines of:

Ferrets wearing turtlenecks.  Spring fashion must.

Ferrets wearing turtlenecks.  Spring fashion must.

Raised on Maui. BS/MS degree in California. DPM-bound in Des Moines, IA. Follower of Jesus. Trying to live a life to make Him proud of. I enjoy seeking the beauty in nature, music, and people. For fun, I have hopes to capture my likes, experiences, and good times here in this wondrous state and beyond.

My Top 10 Everything
God's everlasting love
Comfortable silence
The ocean
Staying up late
80F weather